Competing against Amazon as startup

Choose One only: Faster, Cheaper, Larger Selection or X

Yes, you can compete on strategy. If you choose the right one.

Facts about the Giant

Amazon is no doubt a behemoth in business today


The term “better” has always been a vague business term.

“Better” is an axis

When we discuss better products, we talk about how we were trying to solve a task and this product did the job better. (From the Jobs to be done theory.)

Strategy against Amazon

Gaps in the Market



Vast Selection:

For startups

  • Better Quality: Netflix (in terms of content, my opinion)

Fair Warning ⚠️

It has to be said that just because you managed to find a gap in the market, it doesn’t always mean there’s a market in that gap.

Gap in the Market

Heralded by literature like Blue Ocean strategy, business executives and young startups have since been repeating the mantra of executing in markets where there is little to no competition.

Market in the Gap

Many entrepreneurs (myself included) have come to realise that the reverse also deserves to be evaluated.


Balancing strategy is hard.

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